Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Book of Mormon

What's being applauded as one of the best musicals of the last 25 years is making its way to Pittsburgh at the Benedum Center in March.  The Book of Mormon is known for its hysterical humor, some of it not being family friendly, but what else can you expect from the creators of South Park? This show has won 9 Tony Awards, one of which was Best Musical! This show is sure to be a sellout so make sure to get your tickets.  We know we won't be letting this go through Pittsburgh without us seeing it!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Sun and The Sand and A Drink In My Hand

Okay, so we can't help with the sun or the sand but we can help you find a place to get a drink in your hand. Just because you aren't in the Islands vacationing doesn't mean you can't take a mini vacation to them, even if it is just for dinner.  January is typically the time our minds start daydreaming about the sun, sand, and surf. Unfortunately, we can't always take a vacation but there is somewhere in Pittsburgh that will give you that little taste of the Islands without the airfare, Kaya in the Strip.  Kaya is known for their Island cuisine inspired by the Caribbean Islands, South America, and the Pacific.  The food and atmosphere is so exotic and fun that you'll forget you're in Pittsburgh in January.  Take a break this week from the chilly weather and get a little taste of the Island spirit!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ohio River Cruise on the American Queen

We were thrilled to have been included in this trip along the Ohio River!  We enjoyed having you!

"We checked out the riverfront with a Just Ducky amphibious tour, then had lunch at the Habitat Restaurant in the Fairmont Hotel. As part of the Green City movement, the restaurant grows their own herbs, buys foods from local farms, and mostly organic. We stayed at the Priory Hotel, a unique 24-room hotel built in 1888 as a monastery for Benedictine Priests and Brothers. Next door is the Grand Hall, built in 1852 as a church for German and Swiss settlers in the area. Scheduled for demolition to make way for a highway, a community group forced relocation of the highway and saved them."-Shirley Linde 

To read the rest of the story click here.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let the Madness Begin

Pittsburgh received some very exciting news back in November...the NCAA Men's Basketball Committee selected Pittsburgh to host the Second and Third Round of the 2015 Men's Basketball Championship.  The Consol Energy Center will be the venue where the event is hosted.  It seems like only a natural fit that Pittsburgh would be chosen for this because anyone who is from Pittsburgh or has visited Pittsburgh can vouch that Pittsburgh loves its sports!  This event draws a huge crowd from a variety of places which we are very excited to host.  We all known Pittsburgh isn't the most pleasant place to be in March but this will definitely make it a lot better!  With that being said, let the Madness begin!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Valentine's Day

So this is the year you really want to knock you significant other's socks off, right?  Maybe a little more planning instead of the day of "Oh shoot, today's Valentine's Day?  I hope the drugstore still has some roses and chocolates." We know Valentine's Day is over a month away but maybe if we put the bug in your ear now the last minute panic will be avoided.  We wouldn't just tell you to up your Valentine's Day game without any suggestions of how to do that would we? No, no we wouldn't--that's why we have just the thing. Our Romance, Romance, Romance package will definitely help you make this Valentine's Day one for the books.  All you have to do is book the reservation and let us handle the rest.  In your room upon check in you'll have thought Cupid was there.  There will be a bottle of chilled champagne, a snack plate with chocolates, fresh fruit, divine pastries from The Priory's Fine Pastries, and a dozen roses.  Enjoy breakfast brought to your room the next morning. Sounds like a pretty romantic evening if we do say so ourselves.