Monday, November 30, 2015

Here's a piece from the Tribune-Review which examines the history of Pittsburgh residential architecture, from the modest company-store row houses of the South Side and Lawrenceville to the Tudor-style mansions of Oakland, it's an interesting history.   Our neighborhood of Deutschtown was home to many German, Swiss and Austrian immigrants, and the housing stock that they constructed is still very much in evidence in the neighborhood today, especially on Lockhart and Avery Streets. Built from th 1850's through 1880's, these houses were well constructed row homes of the merchant class, and are home to new families to this day.

Monday, November 23, 2015

13 Outstanding Female Bartenders in Pitsburgh

Here's a fun piece from Thrillist noting 13 women bartenders that you'll want to get to know at some of Pittsburgh's hottest cocktail spots.  One oversight:  Our own Nikki from the Priory Hotel Monks' Bar is not listed -- but being the mixologist at the smallest bar in Pennsylvania means that you fly under the radar a bit.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Priory Hotel is a Stash Star!

Our Priory Hotel was given a "Stash Star" award by Stash Hotel Rewards at Stash's annual meeting in Denver.  We received the award for our "Stash Bash" promotion, which kicked off our affiliation with Stash Hotels, as well as our generation of new Stash members which far exceeds the relatively small size of our property.  Stash Hotel Rewards is a national network of independent hotels which provides a guest rewards program similar to Hilton's H Honors and Marriott Rewards.  It's been a great amenity for our guests, and they've been innovative and supportive partners to us.

Pictured above is Priory Hotel Director of Guest Services Tim McGlothlin.

For a list of Stash partner properties, click here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

WashPo Loves Pittsburgh's Restaurant Scene

Here's nice piece by the Washington Post on Pittsburgh's burgeoning food scene.  Pictured is a charcuterie plate at Cure restaurant in Lawrenceville.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Wiener World to Stay Put!

Amidst all of the great culinary news coming out of Pittsburgh, along with national accolades, Pittsburgh's also fortunate to have some great old time places that have survived throughout the many changes to the city over the years.  One such place is Wiener World.  Located on Smithfield Street downtown, Wiener World has been slinging some excellent dogs in the heart of downtown's business district for decades.  Hipsters line up next to be-suited bankers for the delectable dogs.  There's no seats, just shelves so you can stand and get right out.

The long time owner of WW recently sold to a nearby neighbor, who has guaranteed that WW's operations will continue as usual.  This is great news for dog lovers and lovers of the quirky and homegrown.

See the Post-Gazette story here.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pizza Shout Out from NYT

Here's an interesting article from the New York Times (loving Pittsburgh these days) on Pittsburgh's Bread & Salt bakery, located in Bloomfield, and their "heavenly" Rome-style pizzas.

See the NYT piece here.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

New Blood in the Neighborhood

We're pleased to welcome Chef Brian Hammond into our Deutschtown neighborhood, starting soon.  Brian's acquired the former Schrim's Cafe, an old shot and a beer place in our main business district, East Ohio Street.  Brian's aiming for a casual atmosphere with some great food.  His previous enterprise, Restaurant Echo, in Cranberry Township won many plaudits for its inventiveness and food quality.  We're pleased to have a new neighbor, and look forward to his opening.

Here's a story from the Post-Gazette about the new venture.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Chairman of the Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association

I was pleased and proud to have been installed last week as the statewide Chairman of the Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association.  With over 2500 member businesses, the PRLA represents more tens of thousands of employees.  The PRLA strives to provide educational opportunities both for existing operators, as well as aspiring hoteliers and restaurateurs, and also provides strong advocacy for those in the hospitality industry throughout the state.  It's a great group of highly motivated, risk-taking individuals, and a group that I am honored to lead.  I look forward to a productive and fun year!

Pictured above are some members of my family and members of our Priory Hospitality team.   From the left:  Jim Lazeration, Executive Pastry Chef, Priory Fine Pastries; Tim McGlothlin, Director of Guest Services, Priory Hotel; Adam Frye, Front Desk Associate and PRLA Employee of the Year award winner; Priory Hospitality Senior Catering Manager Sara-Lynn Hunter; Courtney Burns, Assistant Catering Manager; Giuseppe Provenza, Director of Facilities; Pam Eyermann, Assistant Catering Manager; Max Graf, my son and current Front Desk Associate; Kathy Schrecengost, Assistant Pastry Chef and Store Manager, Priory Fine Pastries; Me; my wife and co-owner Suzanne; our 13 year old son, Charlie.