Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Packages for the Fall!

We've got some great new packages for the Fall which promise to get travelers to Pittsburgh (or Pittsburghers who want to explore their own city!) off the beaten path.  I'll explain the new packages in a series of blog posts - so keep checking in on us or visit packages page at our website,

First up is the Sacred Pittsburgh tour, which offers an afternoon touring two of Pittsburgh's most famous religious properties, St. Anthony's Chapel on Troy Hill and St. Nicholas Croatiia Church in Millvale.  Both are very close to our Priory Hotel, and both chapels draw visitors from around the world.  Our shuttle provides transportation to and from the chapels, as well as to dinner at the world famous Church Brew Works Brew Pub.

St. Anthony's is a small church located in the heart of an historic German residential neighborhood.  Its claim to fame is that it holds the most religious relics of any church site outside of the Vatican.  They line the apse of the chapel from floor to ceiling! The bottom two photos show the interior and exterior of St. Anthony's.

St. Nicholas was built by Croatian immigrants in the nearby town of Millvale.  St. Nicholas features the 1930's era murals of famed Croatian painter Maxo Vanka.  The murals are truly striking, and stand out among churches throughout the entire United States.  The top three photos show St. Nicholas from the outside and inside, as well as a sample of Vanka's work.

Find out more about our Sacred Pittsburgh tour here!