Friday, November 13, 2015

Wiener World to Stay Put!

Amidst all of the great culinary news coming out of Pittsburgh, along with national accolades, Pittsburgh's also fortunate to have some great old time places that have survived throughout the many changes to the city over the years.  One such place is Wiener World.  Located on Smithfield Street downtown, Wiener World has been slinging some excellent dogs in the heart of downtown's business district for decades.  Hipsters line up next to be-suited bankers for the delectable dogs.  There's no seats, just shelves so you can stand and get right out.

The long time owner of WW recently sold to a nearby neighbor, who has guaranteed that WW's operations will continue as usual.  This is great news for dog lovers and lovers of the quirky and homegrown.

See the Post-Gazette story here.

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