Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Valentine's Day

So this is the year you really want to knock you significant other's socks off, right?  Maybe a little more planning instead of the day of "Oh shoot, today's Valentine's Day?  I hope the drugstore still has some roses and chocolates." We know Valentine's Day is over a month away but maybe if we put the bug in your ear now the last minute panic will be avoided.  We wouldn't just tell you to up your Valentine's Day game without any suggestions of how to do that would we? No, no we wouldn't--that's why we have just the thing. Our Romance, Romance, Romance package will definitely help you make this Valentine's Day one for the books.  All you have to do is book the reservation and let us handle the rest.  In your room upon check in you'll have thought Cupid was there.  There will be a bottle of chilled champagne, a snack plate with chocolates, fresh fruit, divine pastries from The Priory's Fine Pastries, and a dozen roses.  Enjoy breakfast brought to your room the next morning. Sounds like a pretty romantic evening if we do say so ourselves.

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