Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Sun and The Sand and A Drink In My Hand

Okay, so we can't help with the sun or the sand but we can help you find a place to get a drink in your hand. Just because you aren't in the Islands vacationing doesn't mean you can't take a mini vacation to them, even if it is just for dinner.  January is typically the time our minds start daydreaming about the sun, sand, and surf. Unfortunately, we can't always take a vacation but there is somewhere in Pittsburgh that will give you that little taste of the Islands without the airfare, Kaya in the Strip.  Kaya is known for their Island cuisine inspired by the Caribbean Islands, South America, and the Pacific.  The food and atmosphere is so exotic and fun that you'll forget you're in Pittsburgh in January.  Take a break this week from the chilly weather and get a little taste of the Island spirit!

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