Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Public Art in Deutschtown

Our Deutschtown neighborhood is home to a new piece of public art, called "Cloud Arbor," by artist Ned Kahn of California.  It's the centerpiece of a $6.5 million renovation of Allegheny Square Park, which abuts Pittsburgh's Children's Museum.  The museum spearheaded the creation of "Cloud Arbor," which features a cluster of 20 foot tall shiny aluminum tubes which, every few minutes, emit a pall of water vapor from their tops.  The cloud gradually settles to earth and wafts with the wind.  The new park, which features much green space in addition to the new art piece, is a huge improvement over its previous incarnation -- a concrete and block amphitheater that was a masterpiece of 1960's urban renewal bad taste.

 Here is a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette piece about the new park and public are.  The above photos are ones I took when I was out for a walk not long ago.  They show the progression of the emission of the cloud and its gradual dissipation.  The park is only a few short blocks from the Priory, and is well worth a look.

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