Monday, October 15, 2012

Grant Street Named One of the Top Thoroughfares in the U.S.

The American Planning Association recently named downtown Pittsburgh's Grant Street as one of America's Top Ten Streets, joining notable thoroughfares as Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.  Grant Street, which traverses downtown from Liberty Avenue to the North to the Boulevard of the Allies to the South, is home to many of the city's most dramatic office buildings and government centers, including the U.S. Steel Building, Gulf Tower, One Mellon Center, and Allegheny County Courthouse.  According to the APA, Grant Street was recognized

"for the melange of historic 19th century buildings and soaring 20th century skyscrapers that straddle its tree-lined median, history that underlies these magnificent structures, and diversity of uses. The 11 blocks that run between Fort Pitt Boulevard and Liberty Avenue are among Pittsburgh's most frequently trafficked and a popular destination for residents, commuters and visitors."

Read the Post-Gazette's story regarding this recognition here, and if you're staying at the Priory, take our point to point shuttle to Grant Street to see just what the APA is talking about.  

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