Monday, July 23, 2012

We've Got a Long Drive Home...

Loving our Priory Hotel room!
Even though we had to go back to work today and our stay at The Priory Hotel had come to an end, our Northside staycation still technically had one evening left.  After Brian jokingly gave me the "we've got a long drive home" spiel, we sadly packed up our things this morning and departed The Priory, by far one of the nicest hotels I had ever stayed at.  Everything from the beautiful, clean room packed with the smallest, but most thoughtful amenities to the extraordinary staff who so kindly entertained us at the Monks' bar and happily shuttled us around the Northside all weekend long.  Another staycation at The Priory would definitely be in our NEAR future!

It was an absolutely beautiful day today, so when we both got home from work I made sure to get a few more Northside activities checked off the itinerary before heading down to Stage AE for the Counting Crows concert.  Brian and I, along with our Welsh Corgi who had been in the care of our neighbor all weekend, walked down to Allegheny Commons Park for a quick stroll and a stop at a Northside staple ...the Ice Ball Man.

Brian and Geno at Lake Elizabeth
Allegheny Common's Park is a picturesque greenspace that you quite honestly would never expect to find in the heart of the Northside.  In my opinion, it's one of the best parts about the Northside and one of the best parks in the entire city.  Very clean, attractive and well-lit with cute little, modern light posts outlining much of the park, Allegheny Commons Park is a great place to picnic, sunbathe or just relax and read a book.  Located in the center of Allegheny Commons Park is Lake Elizabeth, which cant be anymore than a few feet deep, that is typically inundated with ducks and/or dogs trying to eat the ducks.

The Ice Ball Man himself!
Today was a great day to stroll through the park  and enjoy some shaved ice from Gus and Yia's Yai's, a small, orange-colored shaved ice cart that sits on the outskirts of Allegheny Commons Park directly next to the tennis courts every single summer.   The "Ice Ball Man," as I often refer to him as, has been in business since 1934 - though it was Father Ice Ball Man serving up shaved ice back then - and is a favorite amongst locals and those just in town for a ballgame.  I'm not sure what I like more about the Ice Ball Man, the large cup of rainbow colored ice he provides, or the his sweet grandfather-ish type charm that emerges while he talks it up with each and every customer.

After letting Geno, that's our Welsh Corgi, bark at some ducks and get his paws wet in Lake Elizabeth's lukewarm waters, we headed back to the house where we now get ready to walk down to the Counting Crows concert at Stage AE for the last stop of our Northside staycation!

- Stephanie

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