Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Last Stop: Stage AE

Counting Crows at Stage AE
We wrapped up our Northside staycation last night with a concert at Stage AE, a small indoor/outdoor venue located in between the two stadiums on the North Shore.  Stage AE is an AWESOME place to see a show and is truly unlike any other venue in the city.  Though I've never been to an indoor concert there, every outdoor show I've attended has been extremely enjoyable and a large part of that enjoyment is credited to the venue itself. Stage AE is small enough to give you that intimate feeling no matter how far from the stage you are, but big enough that it never feels overcrowded or you feel squished into the venue's typically general admission areas.

Huge concert goers and fans of Stage AE, Brian and I excitedly headed down to the North Shore early, where we sat on the outdoor deck of Bettis Grille 36 enjoying several cold ones while waiting for the opening acts to finish up before heading in. The Counting Crows 90-minute set did not disappoint the packed crowd at Stage AE,and while we were still buzzing from the show afterwards, an overloaded weekend of staycation fun was telling us to go home and get some rest...and so we did.

The concert wrapped up what was a great birthday staycation weekend on Pittsburgh's Northside.  Several times during the experience, Brian told me he really did feel like he was on vacation, which for me, meant the trip was successful, because everyone wants to feel like they're on vacation, right?  When I had initially created my itinerary, it seemed like we would breeze right through it in no time. Now, looking back, I feel like we were constantly on the go and there were still places I didn't even get too! Looks like next time I will consider an extended staycation weekend!

It really goes to show though just how much there actually is to do on the Northside, from cultural attractions, to sporting events, concerts and casinos to the unbelievable amount of restaurants and bars, the Northside is a place you could spend a few days and really have a pretty cool VACATION...even if you do live just up the street!

Thanks for following along with me during my little getaway!  I hope you come over to my neighborhood and try a Northside staycation for yourself soon...you won't regret it...especially if you stay at The Priory (shameless plug, I know!)!

- Stephanie

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