Monday, March 5, 2012

Sharp Edge Belgian Beer Pub Downtown

The Sharp Edge, originally located in the Friendship neighborhood to the East, but now expanded hither and yon, has opened a beautiful downtown location which is certainly worth a visit. It's got a beautiful build out on Penn Avenue, with high ceilings and an undulating bar. It's wall to ceiling facade windows look out onto bustling Penn Avenue, and let in lots of light during the day. But best of all, it features an ever-changing variety of Belgian ales and microbrews which are unrivaled in the region. The Sharp Edge takes its Belgians very seriously, and for the beer connoisseur the place is heaven. The Sharp Edge, on the food front, offers a variety of sandwiches and tasty bar food, so you won't suffer there.

Here is a short story from the Tribune-Review on the opening of the Sharp Edge's newest location.

If you're in Pittsburgh and looking for a fun and one-of-a-kind pub, be sure to check out the Sharp Edge downtown.

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