Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New North Shore LRT Preview

Our Corporate and Group Sales Manager, Gene Lucente, had the opportunity recently to tour (with a hard hat) the soon to be opened North Shore Connector of the city's Light Rail Transit (LRT) system. The North Shore component has two stations, an underground station and an above ground station. The underground station is between PNC Park and Heinz Field; the above ground station is past Heinz Field near the Rivers Casino. If nothing else, the stations and the new line are impressive looking, and are fed by one of the longest sub-river tunnels in North America. The North Shore Connector links the Heinz Field/ Rivers Casino part of the North Shore with downtown Pittsburgh -- first at its Gateway Center stop and subsequently Station Square and the southern suburbs of the city.

Here are some shots of the new stations and line. These depict the outdoor station near Rivers Casino. More to come . . .

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