Monday, March 15, 2010

Unrepentant St. Patrick's Party Was a Rousing Success

The incomparable Rachel Fitzgerald. Below: Your correspondent with the band.
Chris "Seanchai" Byrne
Our Unrepentant St. Patrick's Party held on Friday, March 5, was a huge success. Our featured act, Seanchai & the Unity Squad, were in fine voice and played their unique mix of traditional celtic, hip hop, and reggae with aplomb. The crowd, many of whom are committed Irish patriots, thrilled to Seanchai's message of a united Ireland. The food provided by our chefs Pete Phillipy and Mike Henney was fantastic, with a top round and their version of the Reuben being served, along with some excellent breaded cod. Guinness was poured and Irish Coffees served! It was in all a very entertaining and very fun evening.

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