Monday, March 22, 2010

Priory Shout Out on Pop City

Pop City is an up to date electronic magazine of what's going on in Pittsburgh. It successfully strives to go wide and deep about what's going on in Pittsburgh, and frequently uncovers some hidden gems in the fabric of the city. The Priory Hotel got a nice mention in travel writer's Elaine Labalme's "New Girl in Town" column in Pop City. The column's topic was "hip" places in Pittsburgh, and we got a shout out as a place recommended by Andy Warhol Director Tom Sokolowski for both lodging and an opening party. I'm not sure how "hip" we are, but Tom Sokolowski is and we're trying!
Elaine also has her own website featuring her travel writing, It's well worth a look.

If you've stayed at The Priory during the week, you may recognize one of the people featured in the column, Jamal Krolowitz of "Tweek" designs. When not engaged in artistic pursuits, Jamal helps us out in our morning food service, raising our hipness factor significantly when he is around. That's Jamal above, sans Priory uniform.

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