Thursday, June 4, 2009

Steve Luncinski @ North Side/ North Shore Chamber Gala

Steve Luncinski

Here are three photos of Steve Luncinski, two with my wife Suzanne, at the North Side/ North Shore Chamber of Commerce Gala in December 2008. Steve Luncinski staked his claim to fame on the beloved Saturday late night program "Chiller Theater," hosted by "Chilly Billy" Cardille from the late 1960's to mid-1980's. Steve, who was a little person, played "Stefan the Castle Prankster" on the program. Among Chilly Billy's supporting cast, Stefan was a standout, making numerous personal appearances over the years. (During the late 1970's Chiller Theater was so popular in Pittsburgh that it preempted NBC's Saturday Night Live).
This was an especially poignant meeting because Suzanne and I have two 13 year old sons, Max and Will, who are little people. Steve's example as a performer and, later, as a businessman, provided just the example that young LP's need that being small in stature need not hold you back from achieving success. Steve unfortunately passed away suddenly about three weeks after these pictures were taken, at the age of 52.
Thanks to Jill McGlothlin for these wonderful photos.

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