Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Penguin Point Exhibit at Aviary is Worth a Look

For a cool way to spend a couple of hours, the National Aviary offers a one of a kind experience for kids and adults. In its two large exhibit halls, you can interact with free flying birds from around the world. But what is really interesting is the Aviary's brand new exhibit, Penguin Point. Penguin Point features the Aviary's African penguins in a rocky habitat with many points for viewing the penguins up close. The highlight is a series of portholes (you have to crawl a bit to get to it, so don't wear a business suit) which you can poke your head through and see the penguins just inches away. There's not an exhibit like it in the entire nation. I went with the kids for the opening and they were enthralled - it's well worth a trip.

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