Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thinking of Haiti

I've been privileged to be involved with an organization, Team Tassy, which serves families in the poorest neighborhoods in Port Au Prince, Haiti by working to get people into family-sustaining jobs.  I've been to Haiti several times, including, just at the end of May.  I'm struck when I am down there that, despite grinding poverty, the people are resilient and welcoming, and the island (well part of an island) has some unbelievable natural beauty which has not been touched by rampant over-development.  Below are some photos taken during my most recent trip.

There's many places to stay while in Haiti, from beachfront resort properties to modern downtown hotels, to guest houses which offer modest amenities but an abundance of hospitality.

If you are interested in a trip which is enlightening as well as fun, I'd heartily recommend considering a trip to Haiti.  Here's a link to Tripadvisor about Haiti tourism.

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