Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hooked on a Cause Specials for Lent!

My friend Kevin Joyce, proprietor of the Carlton Restaurant, used to dread Lent.  Church fish fries and Lenten sacrifice were a drain on business.  He's learned to embrace the season though, and turn lemons into lemonade, all for a good cause. Kevin has for the past several years worked with Catholic Charities and developed Lenten specials and a special Lenten wine dinner, for which a portion of the proceeds go to Pittsburgh's chapter of Catholic Charities.  This program has spread to many other areas restaurants and hospitality outlets and developed into the "Hooked on a Cause Program." Catholic Charities provides support to the needy through a variety of means, and its funding goes to people 85% of whom are not themselves Catholic.

Taking Kevin's lead, we at the Priory have developed our own Hooked on a Cause specials, including a special getaway package, with 10% of the gross proceeds of each package going to Catholic Charities.  You can read about the package here.  

We've also developed a special cocktail at our Monks' Bar, the Priortini.  $1.00 of each Priortini we sell goes to Catholic Charities as well.  

So join us for Lent, and see how the season is not just about sacrifice, but also doing well

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