Saturday, May 31, 2014

Recap: Leo Moran and Anto Thistlewaite in Concert

We were honored to have hosted a special concert by Leo Moran and Anthony ("Anto") Thistlewaite, former members of the famed Irish bands the Saw Doctors (Leo and Anto) and Waterboys (Anto).  They played a fabulous show, and we were delighted to have them.  Also, more than giving a fabulous performance of song and storytelling, they were incredibly gracious with their time after the show.  They are true pros and true gentlemen, and I look forward to hosting them again here in Pittsburgh.

For a link to Leo & Anto's website, click here.

For an interesting interview with Leo, click here.

For a Saw Doctors performance featuring Leo, click here.

For a performance of the Waterboy's hit "The Whole of the Moon," click here.

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