Friday, August 2, 2013

A Really Powerful Day

I was extremely proud to receive this recognition from the Military Families Network.  It is an American flag which had been flown in a drone over Afghanistan.  We received the recognition for a donation that our Priory Hospitality Group had made to MFN to help finance hot weekend breakfasts for service people at a forward operating base in Afghanistan, FOB Sharana.  Pictured are my in the first row are my sons Max, Will, and Charlie, and Mark Mazzarella, who was a civilian adviser at FOB Sharana and who helped organized the hot breakfast program.  In the rear is Lt. Colonel Shauna Hauser, who is the commanding officer of the 1st Recruiting Battalion, U.S. Army, located in Harrisburg, PA.

It was a pleasure and honor to meet. Lt. Colonel Hauser and the other soldiers at this event at the Roberto Clemente Museum.  I was proud to have played a very small part in the festivities, but it does make you remember that there are many soldiers, sailors, Air Force personnel and sailors who are still at risk in eastern Asia, and whom we have to remember with our prayers.  

The event was sponsored by Dwayne Rieder, who owns the museum, and his Engine House 25 Winery, which shares space with the museum (and makes some great wine too).

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