Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013 Hotel Trends

As listed as one of the trends in the article "Travel Players Predict 2013 Trends, Concerns" featured on is consumers looking for an experience.  They want an experience that is different than the typical hotel stay.  Consumers are looking for an experience that will differentiate their trip from all the others they have taken and all the trips they hear about-something that will make that stay stand out.

With this being said, that's why we find it so important to offer a unique experience here at the Priory.  We truly listen to our customers and their wants and needs.  Just like they don't want their stay to be like the typical hotel stay we don't want their time here to be just like it would be at any other hotel.  Stay with us one time and we can assure you that your trip will earn the title of an experience rather than just "another overnight stay".

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