Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Rower's Eye View of Pittsburgh

I post a link to this television story which ran on our local public television station, WQED, late last year, because it shows Pittsburgh from a viewpoint that few see -- on the river level, as the rowers on Pittsburgh's active crew scene see it.  There's a human interest aspect to the story too, and a personal one for me.  The story, which is called "Pulling Together," concerns my oldest son, Will (age 16), who's a dwarf, and his older sister, Laura (who's now 18).  Laura is a rower and Will is a coxswain (the person who steers the boat and calls the stroke cadence).  To do the story, the reporter, Beth Dolinar, followed them out on to the Allegheny River, and the late fall views this story reveals are spectacular.  I hope you enjoy the piece, which was nominated for a regional Emmy award.

Here is a link to "Pulling Together."

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