Monday, February 20, 2012

Itinerant Businessman Promotes Project to Combat Homelessness at the Priory

Real estate developer Frank McKinney has been traveling from city to city to promote his "Survival to Thrival" program, designed to give the homeless a boost toward improving their situations. As part of his public relations plan, McKinney switches places with a homeless person -- trading his spot in a luxury hotel (in Pittsburgh, it was our Priory Hotel) with the homeless person's bunk in a local shelter. In this case, the lucky recipient was David Aikens, who was chosen by 200 of his peers and case workers from the Light of Light mission to participate in the room swap.

WTAE TV, our local ABC affiliate, covered the place swap. See the story here.

For our part, we were delighted to help Mr. McKinney in his efforts. Mr Aikens was a gracious guest, and we were very happy to participate in his special night.

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