Monday, November 28, 2011

Eleven Eleven Mississippi - St. Louis

I happened to be in St. Louis a few weeks back for the World Series (Game Six -- the 11 inning historic thriller I might add), and had a chance to have an excellent meal at one of their locally owned bistros, Eleven Eleven Mississippi (so named for its address). Located about a 10 minute drive from downtown, Eleven Eleven Mississippi is casual and comfortable restaurant specializing in locally raised produce and meats. They have an extensive, but well priced, wine list. The menu is broad, and seems to focus on country-style cooking (braised rabbit is on the menu).

I had a rib-eye, dry rubbed, while my 16 year old son had a pork loin with a bacon wrap. Both were fabulous, though I will say that I was especially pleased with my rib-eye, which crushed steaks that I've had in nationally renowned steakhouses. We also got to taste an excellent serving of charcuterie as well as a succulent selection of locally produced pates.

Service was professional and unobtrusive. The menu prices were extremely reasonable, making EEM surprisingly affordable, even for a Pittsburgh boy. The atmosphere was dark and hushed, though the dining room was very busy.

If in St. Louis, by all means look up Eleven Eleven Mississippi. You'll be pleased with the wholesome menu, professional execution and intimate surroundings.

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