Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Penn Brewery Reopens

The Penn Brewery, our fabled, lamented neighbor, has re-opened under its original owners, Tom and Mary Beth Pastorius. The Penn Brewery started brewing beer earlier this year (prior owners had moved brewing off-site from the 100+ year old brewery building), while the restaurant and biergarten opened last week. Penn Brewery redux is serving some new beers which are well worth trying, including a tasty Allegheny Pale Ale and a masterpiece called Penndemonium which is 7.5% alcohol in volume.
Penn Brewery offers a full menu of German and American specialties, and the food is quite tasty. Enjoy the garden courtyard in the summer. Penn Brewery is located just a few blocks to the Northeast from the Priory. They are a local partner that we are glad to have back.

Click here for a Brian O'Neill story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the reopening of the Penn Brewery.

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