Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Interesting Photo of our Grand Hall at The Priory

Our General Manager Tim McGlothlin came across this photo of the former St. Mary's Church, now our Grand Hall at the Priory. It appears to be from the 1930's (judging from the cars), and is taken from the East at the corner of Lockhart and Madison Avenues. What's interesting about the photo is that the intersection no longer exists, as it is now excavated and covered in concrete for the nearby Interstate 279. That is St. Mary's in the background with the onion domes (removed in the 1950's); the church in the foreground is the German Lutheran church of Deutschtown.
The photo does show Lockhart, which is the street which fronts the Grand Hall (and is on the rear end of the Priory Hotel), when it crossed all the way to the East to the Heinz Plant (now it is dead ended by I 279).

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