Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dedication of the Loving Cup

Pianist Tom Roberts

Loving Cup and Book Display Case

We hosted an Open House at our Grand Hall recently where we dedicated a display cabinet we commissioned to house the "Loving Cup" and an accompanying book. The Loving Cup (a silver chalice) and book (containing clippings of the Mayor's career) were gifts to the last Mayor of Allegheny City (now Pittsburgh's North Side), Charles Kirschler, from his City Council and mayoral appointees in 1907. The occasion was the termination of his mayoral office, which had been caused by the controversial (an unwanted, on the party of Alleghennians) annexation of Allegheny City into the City of Pittsburgh. Read a recent Pittsburgh Post-Gazette chronicle of the annexation here.

The cup had been rescued years ago by noted local historian Mary Wohleber from the trash of one of the Mayor's descendants. (Mary was one of most endearing characters of the early 1990's documentary "North Side Story," by documentarian Rick Sebak). Mary entrusted the cup and book to our family about two years ago; we had the cup re-silvered and the book rebound. Earlier this year we commissioned a local carpenter to construct a cabinet for our Grand Hall to display the cup and the book publicly. The carpenter completed the cabinet in late April, and the Loving Cup and book were placed in it a few days later.

Our dedication ceremony was a happy experience. We were fortunate to have friends and relatives of Mary Wohleber present (Mary unfortunately had a debilitating stroke last year at the age of 93), including Georgie Foerster, the widow of Troy Hill resident and much beloved Allegheny County Commissioner Tom Foerster. We also had representatives of the Allegheny City Society, an organization dedicated to preserving the memory of the separate Allegheny City. (The group's website offers a wealth of information regarding the old Allegheny City). Entertainment was provided by Tom Roberts, a world reknowned jazz pianist from the Mexican War Streets and the composer of the haunting, elegaic ragtime piano piece "Allegheny Rag."

Here is a North Side Chronicle article on the Dedication Party.

The Loving Cup will remain on display in pertuity in the Grand Hall for all who are interested. Please call if you would like to see it.

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