Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jasmine Restaurant - Greentree/ Scott Township

Located a short drive from downtown Pittsburgh at the corner of Cochran Road and Greentree Road, Jasmine Restaurant offers a good alternative for those looking for Middle Eastern and Vegetarian dishes. Set in a building which previously housed The Colony restaurant, Jasmine offers a wide array of traditional Middle Eastern and Mediterranean meals. The cold appetizer spreads - hummus, baba ganoush and tabouli - were tangy and of an appetizing consistency (that's not always the case in my experience). The warm appetizer I tried - an eggplant with a tomato sauce - skillfully blended a variety of flavors. I had a good portion of it and I'm not a fan of eggplant! My companion and I tried kabobs for entrees -- lamb for me and filet for my companion -- and found that the meat was well prepared and tender. The saffron rice which accompanied the kebabs was also cooked quite well. The chef, we are told by our server, is from Lebanon and is cooking the recipes of her youth. Our server was exceptionally professional and allowed us to take in a leisurely meal at our own pace with little interruption.
There were numerous vegetarian options on the menu, for those looking for meatless fare.
Click here for a recent review from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

Jasmine's address is 1928 Cochran Road in Scott Township; telephone number is 412 344-1001.

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