Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ft. Pitt Museum Reopens

A hidden little gem in Pittsburgh is the Ft. Pitt Museum. Located in Point State Park, downtown, the museum is a treasure trove of pre-revolutionary war artifacts located on the where Pittsburgh was founded (first by the French as Ft. Duquesne, and later by the English as Ft. Pitt). Operated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania since its opening, the museum was closed five months ago due to Pennsylvania's budget crisis, but has reopened under the auspices of the Heinz History Center. It's centrally located and well worth a look, now that it's reopened.

Click here for a Pop City story on the reopening.

Point State Park itself was refurbished by the Commonwealth last year (apparently back when it had money), and offers beautiful views of the three rivers.

Also, be sure to visit the Ft. Pitt Blockhouse, the last remnant of the forts and the oldest building in the City of Pittsburgh.

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