Friday, January 22, 2010

Penn Brewery Update

Updating my earlier post on the Penn Brewery, the first batches of the beer being brewed here again on the North Side are nearing readiness. Penn Brewery sponsored an open house recently to debut the new beer for its many fans and admirers, and the place was absolutely thronged. In addition to traditional Penn favorites like Penn Pilsner and Penn Maerzen, the brewery is debuting its first Pale Ale -- Allegheny Pale Ale. They featured the Pale Ale at the open house and we served it at Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's inauguration. People raved.

Penn Brewery owner and major domo Tom Pastorius is back at the helm. Tom has indicated that he and his team are aiming to re-open the restaurant in February, and that the North Side brewed beer will be back in bars, restaurants and taverns throughout the region shortly.

Attached is an article by the Post-Gazette on the Open House. Featured in the picture (reproduced above) is my friend Eric Schumann, caught mid-quaff.

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