Thursday, December 17, 2009

NorthSide Now! Magazine Debuts

NorthSide Now! magazine's inaugural issue debuted this week, with Jack "Johnny Angel" Hunt, noted doo wop performer and partner in Atria's Restaurants, and Tom Sokolowski, Executive Director of the Andy Warhol Museum, on the cover. The purpose of NorthSide Now! is to cover all things on the North Side of the City of Pittsburgh -- its coverage is intended to go wide and deep. Inside this maiden issue you'll find articles on the well known -- Mr. Sokolowski, say -- as well as articles on the arcane -- such as St. Anthony's Chapel, which contains one of the largest collections of saints' relics in the world. The magazine also tells you what's happening on the North Side on any particular day -- performances at the New Hazlett Theater or Children's Museum, jazz at the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, or a new program at the National Aviary. The magazine is free and available in hotels, attractions, restaurants and other spots throughout the region.

You're also welcome to check out the magazine's sister website,, which features much of the same information, only completely up to the minute and up to date.

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