Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Winter White Wedding Drawing Winners!

Councilwoman Harris Pulls the Winning Envelope

If you have read this blog before, you may be aware that over the past two years we have donated one of our new "Winter White Wedding" reception packages to a serviceman or woman who has been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. This is our way of saying "Thank you" to our servicepeople and their families who put their lives on the line, and make multiple sacrifices, to keep this nation safe. While a chance for a complimentary wedding reception is a small thing when compared with the sacrifices of the many, we hope that this contribution at least lets our service members and their loved ones know that their hardships are much appreciated by those of us at home.

I am greeted with a hug by winner Angela DiTullio after Councilwoman Harris pulled the winning envelope.

Contestants simply needed to fill out an application form. The drawing was open to members of any branch of the military who had served in Iraq or Afghanistan, and who were either stationed with a southwestern Pennsylvania unit or who resided (or his or her fiancee resided) in southwestern Pennsylvania.

The method of determining a winner was through a random drawing, which we held at the Grand Hall on September 23. After some cocktails and wonderful hors d'ouevres from our chefs Pete Phillipy and Mike Henney, our councilwoman Darlene Harris, pulled the winner.

Our drawing winners were Angela DiTullio and Joseph Joson. Both Angela and Joe are active duty Air Force. Angela serves as a recruiter here in the Pittsburgh area, while Joe is presently stationed at Kandahar Air Base in Afghanistan, on his second tour of duty. We are looking at a late February reception!
Winner Angela DiTullio (Left) and Runner Up Selena Gurreri

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