Monday, September 14, 2009

Rivers Casino In Its Second Month

I've had the opportunity to visit the nearby Rivers Casino several times since its opening in early August, and I can say that I've had nothing but positive experiences. While the massive parking garage is a bit clunky and overbearing, the entrance to the casino and its facade is very appealing, as are the portions of the building facing the river. Inside, the finishes of the casino are all top notch, with materials of excellent quality. The decor, which includes some Chihuly glass sculptures which greet you at the entrance are the same as people waited in lines to see at the Phipps Conservatory last year. Overall, the interior quality is easily on a par with upper level Las Vegas casinos.
Incidentally, here is a recent Post-Gazette article discussing the impact of the casino on its North Side neighbors, most of whom, including me, have been favorably impressed.

While I have not had a chance to eat at any of the restaurants, I did get to sample during one of the dry openings, and the food was superb.

On the gaming side, I'm not much of one for slots or poker machines, but the ones featured at the Rivers Casino all appeared to be pretty cool with their various themes. One thing the casino does offer which is very cool are "virtual" blackjack and roulette tables, which feature virtual dealers and which re-create the look and feel of the actual table games. They are a pretty good substitute for the real thing.
They are likely to be a moot point soon, however, as the state legislature and the governor have agreed to legalize table games which, we're told, will go precisely in the spot of the virtual games.

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