Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New "Victorian Porch" at The Priory

Innovation is not always easy in an older building, but one of our recent additions is one so simple that we wonder why we haven't done it before. While our courtyard has always been a nice attraction, it's utility was somewhat limited by the environment - you couldn't use it if it was raining, it could be hot in the midday sun, and you couldn't relax and read if it was dark. Thus, in a brainstorm, we added an awning to cover the elevated brick porch adjacent to the Refectory and added some comfortable wicker easy chairs, along with lamps to illuminate the porch in the evening. We call the result our "Victorian Porch." It's intended to be reminscent of the porch of Victorian era grand hotels, allowing guests a spot to chat, read and reflect no matter what the weather. Guests seem to be pleased with the result. It is amazing how the simple innovations sometimes have the most impact.

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Randy said...

What a great idea, John. I'll check it out at the Deutschtown event on Sunday afternoon. Thanks for hosting this annual community event again this year. Youz guyz are great neighbors.