Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oakmont Scores U.S. Open Again!

Oakmont Country Club, about 15 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, will be the site of the 2016 U.S. Golf Open. Oakmont last hosted in the event in 2007, and the close proximity of the two events is remarkable. This is the ninth time Oakmont has hosted the Open, and the finishes of the last two (2007 and 1994) are as exciting a spectacle as you are likely to see. As an attendee at two rounds of the Open in 2007, I can state with authority that it is a world class event and one that is a lot of fun to experience. It is remarkable how close you are to the golfers, even with a general admission pass -- it its sort of like having courtside seats to the Lakers championship on a Yugo budget. With the Open on its way, two Steeler playoff rounds locally (and the Super Bowl), and the Stanley Cup finals having just occured, all we need are a couple of World Series runs by the Pirates to keep things hopping. (Though this may stop the Earth from spinning on its axis)

For more information on the Oakmont U.S. Open annoucement, click here.

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