Monday, June 15, 2009

New Wedding Packages at Pittsburgh's Grand Hall

The Grand Hall's New
Platinum and Gold

We are pleased to announce two new wedding packages at the Grand Hall, the Gold Package and Platinum Package. Both packages feature upscaled bar and wine, and white glove service, all paired with a variety of aesthetic touches -- such as an uplighting package which emphasizes the Grand Hall's spectacular columns to floor length tablecloths and chair covers --to create truly spectacular wedding receptions. The Platinum Package, in addition to the additional accoutrements, features a specially designed menu by our executive chefs Mike Henney and Pete Phillipy, featuring six fabulous courses. It is a memorable menu, and one which will set events at the Grand Hall well apart from events at other venues!


Carlo/Carlo At Your Service Productions said...

I'm impressed! John, I found your website as I snooped through photographs at and I just have to tell you - your place is simply stunning. I had no idea that Pittsburgh was such a happening city. Between your gorgeous facility and the hip city that it's located in... well, like I said, I'm impressed. I definitely need to visit.
If you're interested, I'd like to interview you, featuring you in "Conversation Piece", a section on my blog. I'm glad that I stumbled (and that I spent some time) on (at) your website. What a wonderful way to spend a Friday night in rainy Metro-Detroit. Thanks!

John Graf, Proprietor said...

Thanks for the kind words, Carlo. Coming from an industry professional, it means a lot. JG