Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Airport Shuttle Service

New Airport Shuttle Service Hitting Pittsburgh on May 1, 2009

Super Shuttle is a new van shuttle service which opened in the Pittsburgh market on May 1. The Super Shuttle will transport travelers to and from the Pittsburgh International Airport to and from the destination of their choice for only $19 one way (a typical cab fare is more that $40 to downtown Pittsburgh, by contrast). While the shuttle may make stops for other travelers, it will deliver you right to The Priory from the airport or deliver you to the airport from The Priory. To book, you need only contact Super Shuttle to make a reservation (preferably 24 hours in advance of your flight departure or arrival). Super Shuttle's telephone number is 1 800 Blue Van (258-3826); you can book through their website http://www.supershuttle.com/.

The Priory will shortly be able to make reservations for guests directly through the supershuttle system.

We see this as a great leap forward for guest convenience and value at The Priory!

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